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day summary.

writing it like this because i'm exhausted and am kind of getting up early tomorrow.

morning, sent some work emails.

11:30, saw kim for the first time in seven years and after our relationship has gone through lots of changes. seeing her was pretty amazing.

14:45, erica was still in rehearsal, so i went to fountain square and wrote hermiston music until she was done. she kind of thought she was going to be done by 13:00, didn't end up getting done until close to 17:00.

17:30, got picked up. had a small heart-to-heart with erica before we had to go to the gig.

18:15, went inside of a church for the first time in probably 9 years. listened to erica lead a concert of christian pop music.

21:30 went to the new cock and bulls pub with erica, matt, and friend annie. ate a londoner sandwich which was excellent. met up with michael fiday, an old west chester professor of mine who i haven't seen in roughly 12 years. erica and matt left as they were pretty exhausted, so i stayed and talked and drank with michael until roughly 0:15. awesome time.

now back in erica's apartment that she's only living in for another week. tomorrow, my hair will be chopped, we may watch sherlock, or we may walk along some people bridge between ohio and kentucky so i can take more cool pictures of the city.

first time in cincinnati. first time using the charlotte airport to get anywhere. first time i've seen kim, been in a church, &c.

what a great day.

what a great life.

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