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let's recap:

on friday night i ended up getting stacked twice, both by flopping sets and getting beat by straights.

on saturday i spent about six to eight hours in the late evening wrestling with and getting familiar with pyware. I think i ended up writing two sets.

on sunday i downloaded and caught up with the recent DCAU movies whilst working on some Tulane music before spending another seven or so hours with Pyware to write the opening 6 sets. It was from this that i discovered a basic fundamental flaw in the pyware programming design which i just wrote about in a resonate entry. Some reviews of the DCAU movies might be forthcoming.

Today, Mark and I were in the office by ourselves because Barry took PTO and Patricia was out sick, and it was bloody marvelous. Both of us had a lot of shit to get done and we got a lot of it done. I have a little bit more work to do to post all of the Tulane music up on the web which i'm going to start now that i've woken up from my long nap and will probably only take a couple of hours. Then i want to write more drill, but that's probably not a good idea because then i won't get any sleep tonight whatsoever knowing me, so instead i think i might put together a quick video for youtube upload about my use of pi in my piece Cycles. That shouldn't take terribly long; hopefully i'll be in bed by 3 or 4 am.

ten days from now, i'll be out on the west coast. this summer is flying by.


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