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car windows

i don't have a car that has automatic windows, so the only time i use them is as passengers or when i get a rental.

Whenever i get in a car with automatic windows, my first instinct is always wrong about what will make them go up versus down. You'd think that this is a straightforward thing; press down and they go down, press up and they go up. And for the longest time i couldn't figure out why it was so confusing to me.

Last night when i got back into my own car, i figured it out. When i want to roll down my window on my manual car, i rotate the handle counter-clockwise. I see this as a "pulling" motion which mainly starts at 4 o'clock to 12 o'clock and then continues around. When i want to roll up, i rotate the handle clockwise, which i see as a "pushing" motion which mainly starts at 12 o'clock to 4 o'clock.

So to me, the rolling of a car window is associated with "push" and "pull" rather than "up" or "down". So on an automatic window car, i want "pushing" the button to be associated with rolling the window up and "pulling" the window to be associated with rolling the window down.

now that i get that, i'll probably be able to absorb the habit with less confusion.

how about them apples.

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