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g+ circles

So i started creating g+ circles under a certain paradigm that's worked for me in the past, and i discovered that it utterly fails, mainly because of how those categories aren't relevant anymore.

as in, i developed a lot of great friendships through the old DDR community and have them categorized as such. But that categorization makes no sense not because a majority of them don't play the game anymore, but because that data grouping doesn't have any practical application in circles for filtering. I consider myself a close friend to Tyler, a decent friend of the old core group from the EMU plus some of the people i've developed fondness for outside of that. There's another tier that i feel less close to, another one beyond that, &c.

So if i want to be able to utilize circles effectively as a means of grouping or filtering according to meaningfulness of my life, commonalities such as DDR, location, work context, doesn't really cut it. A group for DDR would make sense if DDR was still a part of my life so that i can share geeky DDR stuff with them and not clutter up the stream of those that don't care, but when that stuff is few and far between, sharing in that way is too much data management for too little return.

So okay; in my head then i start to see g+ circles as a way to organize intimacy. As in, these are the people that are closest to me, these are the people that are not as close but still good friends, &c all the way down to strangers. This has practicality only if i decide to use g+ as a means of expressing myself intimately, and given how much my LJ has taken on that role for almost a decade, i'm not sure if i want to make that shift. Granted, g+ has more flexibility for that sort of thing based on how circles can be maintained and grouped, but because g+ is designed more like the fb/tw context rather than a blog context, there's no sense of easily-obtainable archive. i can't tag posts and then search for those posts by that tag. i can't look at a list of post titles to help me find the content beneath.

So far the only practical application of circles for me, then, is to separate between professional vs. personal, which translates roughly to current students vs. everyone else, coupled with some current potential commonalities such as percussion or marching athletics.

(except that a grouping like *that* falls under the same trap of assuming that that commonality is actually relevant to the content, and most of the people that i know that are in that category don't talk about it. again, that commonality is a touchpoint from my history with them, but not where we both are now.)

i need to give it more thought. Organizing by intimacy makes the most sense even if i don't necessarily want to use it as a personal MyContent filter; maybe it can be used as a personal TheirContent filter, as in when things are crazy busy and i don't get the opportunity to check g+ and don't have the time to catch up with everyone (a common occurance on fb these days since i have over 850 friends and have been generally spending less time on fb), i can make sure that i at least cover the people who i care about the most.

This doesn't even cover the "broadcasting" side of social media which i may want to get more into, but that's a separate discussion. Time to finish lunch and get to work.


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Jul. 11th, 2011 08:59 pm (UTC)
I'm kinda seeing G+ circles like custom friends groups in LJ. There are some LJ groups with whom I'm comfy sharing super-personal stuff, money stuff, etc.

The main challenge I'm having with G+ circles is that some people are friending me but I don't know who they are, mostly because I don't know everyone's real name-- only their online "handle." Ah yes, the perils of the online age. :)
Jul. 12th, 2011 08:30 am (UTC)
Yeah, this is a lot to think about for me too.

And having that many FB friends can be overwhelming -_-
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