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getting the kinks out

my body hasn't completely recovered from band camp/poker yet. i slept pretty much all day on sunday, then got a normal amount of sleep on monday, but last night i slept for probably about nine hours, which is roughly two to three hours more than i normally get, and my mind feels pretty sharp and awake, but my body still wants to sleep.

there's the whole "maybe i'm getting old" sort of statement that can be made, but i tend to think that's a lot of bollocks. A year ago i was consistently in the casino until 4am at least once a week and my body did fine, this year can't be that much different. but since i haven't been casino-ing for most of the summer, my body is disoriented about the whole affair. Give it another month or so and i'll probably be back in shape.

in the meantime, i'm going to fight through the tired feelings so i can try to get all of my tulane stuff done as well as all of the independent projects that i want to get done as well. I need to start programming for my new music concert in the spring. Amanda is almost done with the text she's writing for me for the purpose of the choir piece i'm going to write for jenni's spring concert. In the next few weeks i'm going to try to revise the fourth movement of timpani forces and then send it off to a publisher. Kim wants me to write a winter show for hermiston again this year, so i'm going to have to start brainstorming for that.

what's crazy about it all is that everything has pretty much a similar deadline of "before the end of 2011". once 2012 hits, right now i don't have any immediate projects other than the normal tulane stuff and the NienteForte concert. but there's a lot of months between now and then; i bet i'll be able to fill my time somehow.

okay. time to get to da business.


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