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so some reprioritizing is in order.

I just added another big thing to my project plate, pseudo-officially hopping on board with Galaxy Interactive. The project timeline for their debut product is an aggressive one and happens to be somewhat smack dab in the middle of when i also need to get everything else done.

As in, i now have about five things i need to accomplish creatively by mid-December:

1. Complete Jenni's choir piece.
2. Complete or at least be close to completion of Hermiston's Winter show.
3. Have all of my TUMB stuff lined up for Mardi Gras season.
4. Have the logistics and rehearsals set up for the spring NienteForte Concert.
5. Be well entrenched in the Galaxy Interactive project.

The way that the timelines are working, I can't really do much of the Grunt Work of the Hermiston show until she does auditions at the end of October. This means that i want to push my timeline for getting done the choir piece to before that. I think this is doable because the piece is flowing through pretty easily, but in order to do this, i need to abandon my original idea of using the choir piece as a starting point for learning Sibelius. I started to delve into it for the first time last night, and i think it has some great potential, but the time it will take me to learn how to use it adeptly is not time that i have right now. Maybe next year around this time.

I also have to put The Scintilli Project on the backburner. i've already written two stepcharts (which right now you can access on bemanistyle), but i was planning on doing at least eight. it's not necessarily a lot of time and energy to write stepcharts, but it is still hours that are being used to basically go nowhere, and given the nature of my Tulane job and the other projects that i'm involved in, hours are important. That energy is now going to be routed towards Galaxy Interactive and rejumping myself into Live and maybe Reason.

Somewhere in there i have a social life, i swear. :)


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