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branding change

so for those of you that remember the post i made in early june, yeah. i'm retiring my identity as darknote.

my new website is mendellee.com. i paid the money to have my LJ name changed to what it is now. i used my one fb name change to change it to mendel.lee.zero. my twitter is now mendel_lee. although i'm holding on to my gmail email address, the reply-to and default account that gmail will be sending out from is mendel at mendellee.com. the only thing i can't change is my youtube channel username, and i don't want to lose all of the history i have on that, so that's staying the way it is.

darknote dot org will turn into a forwarding page. it will give the option of either pointing to my site or to the icelandic metal band as a courtesy.

there are still a few small details to be worked out, but for the most part the transition is complete.

a few comments on this change. First, in the aforementioned entry, i had stated that i had put some thought into doing a life blog reboot over on dreamwidth. For the time being i'm abandoning that. I'm way too emotionally attached to this livejournal and the connections that i have here even if it has become more of a ghost town since microblogging rose to the foreground. The people that still write regular entries here and a couple of the communities that i belong to that are still thriving are too important to me to abandon.

Second, an interesting side effect to getting rid of darknote is that it makes it much harder to label things with a sensible unique brand. this blog was darkblog oscillate, my other blog was darkblog resonate, i had darktube, darktweet, &c. Now that my brand is mendellee which is also my name, what do i call my youtube channel or my twitter or my mendellee.com blog when referring to them or linking them? "Mendel's youtube" or "Mendel's Twitter" is too generic, but there isn't a reasonable alternative without coming up with a brand name that's counter to what i'm trying to do with my actual name.

Third, to go with this change, i think i'm going to change the look of my LJ for the first time in what seems like forever. I'm going to be making some changes to my domain too, small ones to sharpen it up a little. These changes will be gradual along with dealing with remnants of any reference to "darknote" that i can erase and no longer attach to me.

The icon that i created for this identity is going to stay with me. I'm pretty fond of what i did for that, enough that i put it on my business card. It may be worthwhile to give it a bit of a new look, but the icon feels like a good representation of me, and therefore is what i'll continue to use as my image identifier.


it's weird. it feels mostly good. but not completely.


welcome to the lifeofmendel

you can also find me here:

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March 2017