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what a weird 12 hours.

so when i got done with work and other miscellaneous stuff between work and home, i ended up crashing and taking a nap from about 20:00-22:30. Then i got up and worked on choir music, Hermiston winter drumline audition stuff, and other personal creative administrative stuff until roughly 02:00. i was pretty energized through the whole thing and got some good work done on the choir piece (even though i suck at writing piano parts). Then i crashed and slept with the intention of getting up at my usual time (these days) of 08:30ish to get some more stuff done before heading into work late, but i ended up waking up on my own accord at about 05:30 raring to go, so i got up, did some of my daily internet routine, sent off two business emails, and then finished most of the Hermiston winter drumline stuff.

And now i'm tired again, so i think i'm going to go back to sleep for an hour or so before getting up, taking a shower, cleaning up a little, and then heading into work. it's a good thing i can do that since this is one of my "late shifts" (when we have rehearsal until 19:30 i don't go into the office until around 11:30).

i may eat some yogurt first though.

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