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vortex wars

What makes this stick out from any other Risk sort of clone is that you distribute your armies after your turn is over as opposed to before. That's a weird shift in strategy that i haven't quite figured out yet; it requires more foresight to place your armies in the area that you want to attack next in addition to where you want to protect, which is sometimes the same thing but not always.

I've only played a handful of games, but it seems like a lot of people spread themselves out and try to amass their territories first to give them more army power (you get one army to distribute for every connecting territory), and even though that's common it feels like the wrong thing to do. it also feels like there's heavy advantage to being able to place your territory first and be in a position to expand broadly but in a protected way whereas going last gives you utter scraps to contend with. it would be better if you were able to claim more than one spot and thus more evenly distribute the territory war.

i need to think about the whole thing more. There's got to be some sort long term +EV strategy that i'm not seeing yet, i'll probably take the time to figure it out because it's a pretty fun game and a good time filler vs. all of the other crap i'm doing.

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