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weekend update

Laurel has commented that she likes my life update entries. I don't know if she's even regularly checking LJ these days, but it certainly seems like this blog has lately been more about life updates than the flavor it had before of being a little more cerebral. i think it goes through phases; right now it's like this because so much of my time is busy with projects and happenings that are in the forefront of my brain, and thus that's the sort of stuff that i need a release on. that, and my energy is so focused on the creative projects i'm involved with that it doesn't lend itself to having the energy to produce or write down what would otherwise be more cerebral things.

either that or i'm getting dumb.

in any case, this is what happened this weekend.

Friday was a typical sort of Tulane day except that we had a meeting that got rescheduled from wednesday. it was a 'communication summit',, meaning that we were there to discuss communication strategies for our operations. The meeting went pretty well, although it had some frustrations to it that i shouldn't really talk about in a public entry, nor do i want to talk about it right now because it's late, i'm a little tired, and it would turn into a Really Long Rant of which i've generally not spoken about here on LJ because i try to keep my professional gripes off the books.

in any case, after that meeting we had rehearsal, the last rehearsal before we did our first performance of our second half-time show. Everything in this show has come together pretty smoothly overall, and i'm kind of surprised that it did because there are a *lot* of logistics involved with the show. but the kids are doing a good job, the drumline is finally starting to look and sound like a drumline after a slow beginning of the season, and it's all coming together pretty well.

After rehearsal i went down to Harrah's to play cards. After an initial loss of $200 when i was three-way all-in with KK vs AA and 88 (AA held up), i ended up coming back and reaping a healthy profit of $650ish over a period of 4 hrs because there were three or four players on the table that were just absolutely horrible. I mean, i didn't even play at my best, and i still was able to profit pretty well (not that i played badly, but i didn't get the most EV that i could have in certain hand situations, nor did i take advantage of some key bluff spots). in any case, it was refreshing to have come out of that session ahead when my previous session had also been a healthy profit of $700ish. my yearly cycle this year has had the strongest start since my first year moving down here, and after an abysmal second half of the year this past year, it feels pretty nice. i think the break over the summer probably did me some good; i might have been caught in a rut in my poker playing that a break helped kick out.

On saturday i ended up getting up around 8am for no good reason, so i worked on my choir piece until i felt tired and then i went back to sleep. I ended up sleeping a little longer than i meant which put me in a rushed state leading to call time of the football game, Tulane vs Syrcause.

The halftime performance and stands performance went very well for the kids overall. Tulane played pretty well too, which is therefore a shame that the coach blew it.

This warrants a rant that's been boiling in me ever since Saturday.

Tulane has been a struggling football program ever since i've been here. You could point to a few different factors; i won't get into that big picture discussion here. But against Syracuse, Tulane shone. The QB made some great passes, Tulane had actual momentum for the first time in what seemed like three years, the home crowd was actually hyped up because the game was really close.

Towards the end of the fourth quarter, we tied the game 34-34 with about 2:30 left to go. Both us and Syracuse had two time outs. I don't quite remember how the first part of the drive happened, but what i remember was that Syracuse was in our territory with 1:35ish left to go. They did some sort of run play that got them a first down and put them in maybe within 40-yards of a field goal attempt.

And the clock kept on ticking.

We had two timeouts left, and the clock kept on ticking.

Syracuse drove the ball for another gain to put them closer to our end zone. Within easier field goal range, maybe 30 yards. It was a run play or a short pass or something, so when the guy went down, the clock kept on ticking. And still there was no timeout call.

I'm pretty sure there was one final play that Syracuse was able to do to get them to 3rd down and within easy field goal range and 2 seconds on the clock. It looked like it could have been an extra point situation, it was so easy for them to get it between the posts. They hiked the ball, dropped it between the posts, scored 3 points, the clock hit zero. Not once in that last minute and a half did we call a time out.

I know i'm supposed to be a supporter of our athletics program, stand behind the brand, all of that. But really? Shame on you, coach toledo. Your entire team kicked ass for you this game. They didn't play perfectly, but they had momentum and potential that the crowd and the team hadn't seen in years. The quarterback delivered excellent short and long passes, the defense after a rough start did a decent job of not letting syracuse fall too far ahead so that we could come back and tie up the game in the critical last few minutes of the game.

And when the team is working that hard for you, that hard for each other, that hard for the die-hard tulane fans, then shame on you for costing them the game by a poor or neglectful coaching decision.


anyway. After the game was over, Mark, Michael, Josh, and I went to Cooter Browns. It's the first time i've been to Cooter Browns in a very long time, and it was damned good food. i drank quite a few drinks but oddly didn't get more than just lightly buzzed; we chatted and enjoyed ourselves, i had fried corn nuggets for the first time which were pretty damned delicious. Then i went home and crashed.

Sunday (today) involved finishing up my choir piece, doing some personal administrative catch-up, and some much needed food shopping.

that's pretty much my weekend.

time to sleep. busy week ahead; need to finish up the Hermiston stuff, start putting some real output to Galaxy, and prep for the house poker game i'm having this weekend.



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Oct. 14th, 2011 06:01 am (UTC)
Sometimes critical analysis of what you're supporting is necessary. Blind homerism isn't the best thing either.

(I didn't see the game, so I'm only going based on your description)
Oct. 21st, 2011 07:27 am (UTC)
hey thanx! :D

funny story, there have been at least 2 times now, where I think, "ohay I'm gonna check on LJ." Then as I type in livejournal.com my fingers type www.livingsocial.com. And then I get wrapped up in that and completely forget about LJ. It's been a ridiculously busy fall, I'm hoping once I"m back in Japan I can pop in here more regularly :D
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