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*cough cough*

i've been hit with a cold/flu like thing since wednesday evening. trading off with mark who had this going on the week prior.

i feel somewhat normal so long as i don't have to do anything too strenuous like, say, walk a lot or think too hard. as soon as i start trying to do anything that requires moderate physical or mental exertion my body wants to sleep for what seems like 10-12 hours.

alas, deadlines and projects are in full swing, and while i can relax from that stuff i can't completely let it go. thankfully i finished the final edits to Timpani Forces a few weeks ago so when november hits i can just say to Andrew, "here it is" and see where to go from there. I've written the framework for three pieces of music out of about 30 that i need to do for Galaxy Ineractive. I just got done doing Hermiston's percussion packet for auditions that i want Kim to hand out early next week. and i'm in the final throes of putting together my portfolio which will be delivered early next week as well.

i should probably go back to sleep even though i already slept about 4 hours earlier this evening. i don't feel tired, but i do plan on being at the homecoming football game tomorrow and i'm betting that will be a long-ass day with the way that i'm feeling right now. hopefully all of the soup and general sleep i've been getting will pay off and i won't feel like total crap.


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