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after a heavy social weekend since rani and robbie were in town and such a frenzy of a productive october with all of the projects i've been involving myself with, i've opted to take things a little slower for the first two weeks of november because i can afford to.

That really means "work on three things instead of five things," which still keeps me occupied, but in a much more relaxed pace and more free time to breathe and do Me Things. Galaxy's schedule has been pushed back a little giving me some breathing room, i just submitted my timpani piece for publication, and Honeysuckle Juice (choir piece) needs to be conference-called before i do revision. So my main focus right now is putting together Hermiston's winter show and dealing with logistics of the nienteForte concert in the spring.

Once i come back from PA in mid november, i'm going to accelerate my productivity again and try to hammer out revisions to Honeysuckle Juice, finish the winter show, get all of my stuff primed for Mardi Gras, write a bunch of Galaxy tracks, and also see if i can work out this new idea i have in my head regarding g+ hangouts with five laptops all in the same room.

recent relaxation has meant more casual flash games, some domestic reorganization and contemplation about future housing, and random telly watching. I want to get my bike fixed too and put a basket on it so i can start to maybe ride it around since the weather is starting to get nice, which means i should also finally get around to getting that steroid shot to see if i can better fix whatever happened to me about a year ago. i'll definitely need to do that if i'm going to start diddering again which will happen as soon as tyson sends me the DDR pads.

hmm... it's almost 4am. that two hour nap did me good, but it may be time for me to sleep again. I want to get up early to deposit a check, and head out to target to buy myself a proper garment bag to take to our away trip this weekend and maybe some new clothes for when i go see Plaid in philly. i'm not quite sure what look i want to sport, but there isn't much that i have right now that i'd say is good club wear except my black button down, and i'm not sure if that's the look i want to go for. Then i need to head to the office and take care of a bunch of administrative logistics before rehearsal in the evening.

i may play cards tomorrow evening since i won't have a weekend free until thanksgiving. We'll see.

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(Deleted comment)
Nov. 2nd, 2011 03:20 pm (UTC)
pssh. that step is mandatory.

especially if it produces such a random encounter as we had. :)
(Deleted comment)
Nov. 2nd, 2011 03:25 pm (UTC)
the two loud guys were gary and tom. i think the quiet one's name was tim. you might have told me the wife's name, but i forget.
(Deleted comment)
Nov. 2nd, 2011 03:37 pm (UTC)
no worries. :)
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