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it's been about a year and a half now that i've been hosting a monthly house poker game (dubbed Mendel's Micro Series of Poker), and it's starting to hit a point where i'm going to need two tables.

i'm pretty happy about this. When i started doing this, i had a few solid regulars that made the game consistent for the first six-ish months, but then one of them joined the navy and one of the other ones works pretty regularly on the weekend, and now that mark and amanda have the kid only one of them can really show up at a time. This made the summer games sporadic, but now i've picked up two or three new regulars and yesterday might get two more, which means a solid base of 7 to 9 people with 3 other semi-irregulars.

Having 9 or 10 people is kind of an awkward middle threshold. You can put all of those on a single table, but it limits how easy it is to play draw games since you always have to go into the muck with 7 people or more. I think that the split for one table versus 2 has to be 10. the only reasonable game that you can play with 10 people on one table is hold 'em and out of all of the games that we play, that's one of the ones we do the least. With 9 people, we can at least keep the stud games in and the draw games we keep in anyway even though early position matters a lot more. We're playing for such cheap stakes that it doesn't matter to most people.

I have most of what i need to do two tables of poker, i just might need to buy a few more chairs. more stuff to add to the domestic crap that i'm piling up, but i think that in the next move that i do i'm going to get rid of the Kurt and Laura couch. I'm not sure when that move is going to happen, but i want it to be soon, as in over the summer or winter. it kind of depends on what happens with me and jobs next year as there are about four different things that could happen and i'm not in a position yet to know which one will actually land.

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