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Batman: Year One (2011)

i started off a little turned off by this because i'm not a big fan of voiceover to deal with narrative content, but i quickly got over that once i understood its context. As in, most of the original DCAU movies and television series episodes that are based on comic book stories feel retailored and reinvented from its comic book style to better fit telly. This movie felt like a deliberate style choice to *not* do that, to instead hold on to the comic book style and just find a way to make that style fit television.

and looked at in that light, yeah, okay. when you pull off what this film was able to do, then i have no qualms with batman having spoken internal dialogue in the form of voiceovers.

as much of the varying degrees of mythos in the batman universe that i know, i wasn't aware of this frank miller comic origin story other than knowing that it existed. what i really liked about it was how it was actually two origin stories running in parallel, and in a lot of ways the commissioner gordon origin story felt like more of the spotlight than the batman origin story in a good way. As in, once we see the scene where bruce wayne decides to become batman, the next thing we see is him running around in the batman suit with his gadgetry. no montage scenes of him building his suit or his utility belt or doing bat-cavey things. Just him in action, and in a way that's satisfyingly imperfect which is appropriate given it being early years. By contrast, the Gordon origin story is given much more detail, with lots of short scenes that show the depth of his character and why he is and how he becomes the person that he is.

and that's nice. because these days everyone knows who batman is and what he's all about. but although people know who Gordon is, not a lot of people know what he's all about.

if i had to put a rank on this one over the other batman DCAU movies, i still put Under the Red Hood above this one, but i think this gets a solid second. It's also better than Green Lantern: First Flight which is unfortunate, but i can live with that, especially since the new Green Lantern animated series is going to air fairly soon and even if it gets cancelled after one season because GL will never reach the same sort of fame as batman or superman, i'll still get my fix (although i'm still waiting for the GL movie that focuses on Kyle Rayner, Timm. Please?).

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