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gobbley gobbley

bullet points for the holiday were:

  • (sing along now:) five days of poker, four days of profit, three crazy tables on one/two dollar blinds, and a partridge in a pear tree.
  • lots of house/domestic stuff
  • meeting Doug Goldberg (former student from New Jersey) and his wife Yi for their first time in New Orleans
  • going out to shop on black friday afternoon and being disappointed at how unfrenzied it was.
  • doing piles of laundry at Mark's house whilst house sitting their animals.

starting on tuesday i had to watch over mark and amanda's animals while they were in st. louis visiting with the fam. it's the first time i've animal-sat for them at their new place. I ended up doing about six loads of laundry on wednesday - these days i've been going to a laundromat and that would have made for two loads, but the laundromat has high capacity washers that i use, their washer/dryer was smaller.

one time i calculated out how much money i spent at the laundromat and determined that the value of owning a washer/dryer from a pure monetary value would have return after 4 or 5 years for a cheap washer/dryer set up. Add to that that laundromats are fairly quick turn around and that i'm not sure if i'm going to be in New Orleans for another four or five years and i determined that a washer/dryer wasn't worth the investment. The convenience of a local washer/dryer set up didn't matter much when i was calculating this stuff out, but after doing laundry at mark's place, it matters more than i initially thought. That doesn't mean i'm going to buy a set now since one way or the other i want to move to a new place next year, but it does bring into focus something else that i should potentially save my money for or have a buffer for when i do move.


domestically i did a bunch of stuff over the holiday, more than i probably have since the entire time i've moved here. Very slowly over the period of 1.5 years or so of me doing my monthly poker game and also going to other house parties and also being around a generation of people that put more care into both the inner and outer workings of their home, i've started to care more about the overall presentation and maintenance of the space that i live in. I'm not going to invest a lot of time and money into this space, but i'm hoping to pay more attention to it than i have and then transferring some of that care to wherever i move next.

for this holiday weekend it meant doing a complete rearrangement of my living room, buying a lock mechanism for the shed in the backyard that i had never used prior but i'm now going to start using to store non-everyday clutter, buying a new end table for practical and visual aesthetic purposes, doing a bunch of yard work which mainly involved cutting down weed vines that had been creeping up the big oak trees, and a few other odds and ends. It's still in process, but it feels good to finally reach a place in my head where that sort of stuff matters because i think it should. I'm never going to go completely crazy obsessive about it like i know some people are, but i do know that i want to improve the quality and the personality of the space that i live in, and i think that will serve me well once i reach the stage where i'm in the house-buying business as opposed to the apartment-renting business.


On Saturday night, i met up with Doug Goldberg and his wife to do the typical Mendel-brings-people-in-to-new-orleans tour of Coops, Pat O's, La Fitte's, and Cafe Du Monde. He and his wife are good people. I never knew Doug a whole lot when he was my student at Township, but i saw him once when the TUMB went to Houston since that's where he works. Hanging out with him and getting a feel for what he and his wife is all about was pretty awesome. I could have chatted and hung out with them for a while, and as they're both poker players it'd be fun to have them both in a game too (although his wife Yi has a self-admitted bad attitude if she's losing).

One of the more interesting conversations that i ended up having with Yi had to do with China's current political climate and trying to get a feel for their side of the story as it relates to their degree of information control and political control. That's also a separate entry, but suffice it to say that it makes a lot more sense to me now why China wants a good strong griphold on Taiwan as being a part of China versus a more independent nation (which, in brief, has a lot to do with Taiwan's independence being another gateway for US military presence). Not that i agree with it even a little, but i understand it much better.

i'm operating on a very small amount of sleep from last night, so this entry was a little scattered. The other entries will be better, promise. Plan now is: do some Tulane work, stop waffling about buying the Mac Mini and just buy it, and then that will probably bleed into actual rehearsal time before getting some drinks with mark and then crashing early.

peace and love to everyone.


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Nov. 29th, 2011 09:52 pm (UTC)
i usually have staff paper on hand. the advantage of a laundromat is that if you go during a nonbusy time it doesn't matter how many loads you have, you can still get everything done in the span of 2 hours because you can hog multiple washers and dryers. But some of the level of inconvenience is starting to feel more significant - it kind of changes how i wear my clothes, and particularly for dress shirts for football games. it's not efficient to do laundry more than once a month or so at the laundromat AFAIC, whereas if i have a washer/dryer at home i could do laundry more often which is sometimes important.
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