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rebuilding momentum

in october i was in a flurry of activity between the stuff i had going at Tulane and all of my independent projects. I was incredibly productive that month.

in november, i hit not a brick wall exactly, but maybe a swampy muck. i was still getting stuff done, but i wasn't being as productive as i could have been. I think i was starting to burn out and needed a mental break.

i'm starting to pick up the momentum again. Things with Galaxy are coming into even more focus, the drumline for Tulane is set so i can write a new cadence for those guys, and Hermiston is also close to setting their ensemble so i can start to commit more of that to real paper. Reorganizing my apartment and buying some new technology is going to help me towards some of my other creative and other life long-term goals. Poker has been a good inclusion into my life again. &c &c.

Things are clicking again, and in a good way. Once i finish the last touches of apartment set up over the weekend, i'm thrusting myself back into productivity evenings at least somewhat. It'll be mixed in with catching up on The Mentalist and trying to break new records in Triple Town, but that's what life balance is all about.


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