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Moon (2009)

It was an excellent movie, there's no question about that, but it suffered from some similar issues that I had with Source Code in its revealing of information. As in, for a multi-billion dollar project, i don't have any issues that skewed programming would make GERTY more loyal to Sam than the corporation, but i do have issues with the idea that the corporation would allow a rover to travel beyond the confines of normal travel to reveal information/locations that would allow Sam to undermine the project or to fail to have stronger failsafes that would prevent Sam from finding any information that he shouldn't be able to find.

Things like that were small nagging things rather than true deterrents of the film, however. I felt myself immersed by the story in the same way that i was immersed in Source Code, but Moon was a better film because the story had more depth as did the main character. In Source Code, the protagonist had his own side-quest agenda, but his character was otherwise your stereotypical hero and was therefore predictable. In Moon, the protagonist is imperfect with unresolved personal issues besides the situation at hand that in the course of the movie he works through, and that sort of character evolution resonated much more strongly with me.

That could be just an effect of the different styles of movie, though. Moon isn't an action film, it's a drama that has some action in it. Source Code isn't a drama, it's an action film that has drama in it.

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Dec. 1st, 2011 11:23 pm (UTC)
yeah, knew that, thought it was a neat piece of trivia.
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