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i ended up shaking Stanton Moore's hand last night since an acquaintance of mine who works for Evans knows him. He had a particular sort of aura about him that i get out of a lot of famous or pseudo-famous people when i meet them in what i think a lot of people interpret as a lack of true genuine presence that i interpret more as a degree of guardedness because fans can be so whacko. not that any of us were whacko, but i think it's a subtle instinct. Otherwise he was a nice enough guy and the set that they did was a little too "jam band" for my taste, but it was still entertaining for a couple of hours.

after that, at about 1:30am, i went to the casino to play cards. The only reason i did it was because i had parked my car in the casino parking lot and wanted to play just for an hour or so so that i could get free parking. As it happened, i ended up winning $500 in the span of about an hour and a half, continuing my hot streak ever since the new year, and although i'm pretty happy about this, the cynical part of me is trying to figure out how reasonable it is. As in, i know that i've become a better poker player and i feel better about some of the decisions i'm making at the table, but the kind of results that i've been getting in the past few months feels a bit like i just happen to have flipped heads on a coin 20 times in a row. I need to treat this the same way that i tried to do when i was going through my cold/losing streak - don't evaluate the immediate results, don't allow the streak to make me too overconfident even if i should feel more confident in my play overall.

Next friday is the WSOP PLO tournament. Prior to this i've posted my poker updates on facebook; this time around i'll probably be doing it on google plus, but i haven't decided completely yet.

right now i'm going to finish watching this episode of the Mentalist and then decide whether or not i want to ignore or take the text from Jacob and Joe Fant to go eat lunch at the Parkway. I'm expecting a call from Kim, and i want today to be fairly low-key, so i'm probably goign to skip it, which they won't have issues with since they'll think i'm still asleep from coming home from the casino too late. i may take a nap soon anyway; i woke up much earlier than i wanted to.

do need to go buy another webcam. it's time to experiment with google hangout performances.


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