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a poker vignette.

i was playing poker at 01:30 last night after the gig at the dba. a guy two seats to my left sported a purple shirt, a decent mustache and a casually drunk and simultaneously relaxed and intense demeanor. Two times that he straddled for $5, he said, "just for funsies."

at one point, he turned his face to me, looked at me very directly and said, "you have a brilliant mustache". i smiled and said thanks. at a point not too much later, he said it again and expanded on it somewhat, i forget what he said. It was clear based on a different conversation he had with one of the dealers that he was into the whole mustache and beard thing, so it wasn't just me, but at one point when he focused on me and said something like, "i *really* like your mustache," he appended the statement with, "and i don't mean that in a homosexual way."

i had an immediate external and internal reaction. my external reaction was to say, "i wouldn't have a problem if it was," to which his response was something like "brilliant!" but in a friendly bantering way. My internal reaction was, "that's a lie - i bet he's coming on to me."

the next and last time we had any real interaction was when he had raised to $15 pre-flop and i in the big blind with AA re-raised to $45. He and one other person called. The flop came Qxx with two diamonds. I bet out $80, he made a reluctant all-in for another $55ish, and i called. He had QK and didn't catch up, so i stacked him. He gave a casual goodbye to the table, and then left.

i feel like if circumstances had gone slightly differently, it could have made for a much more interesting after-story, but a) i didn't find him terribly attractive, b) it was really late and i was super tired and c) i'm not that gay.

still, potential missed stories can be just as good as actual stories, so it was worth writing down and speculating about. i think in my fantasies i'd make him out to not have a mustache, which is ironically hilarious.


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Dec. 6th, 2011 01:32 am (UTC)
I hope I can remember to use the phrase "brilliant mustache" to describe you in the future. I really feel like it fits you well. :)
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