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clock building connundrum

so there's a site called klockit that sells 24-hour clock parts that are [fairly inexpensive]. I had this idea of taking one of my old broken crash cymbals and turning that into a 24-hour clock. i figured, buy the parts, find a way to affix it through the center hole of the broken cymbal, hang it on the wall, simple.

upon closer inspection of the specs of the parts above, i think that it won't be as simple as that. The shaft length is 11/16ths of an inch and the site states that the maximum thickness of the clock dial should be 1/4 of an inch. Cymbals are curved as they reach towards the center. If i put the movement case on the convex side of the cymbal, i'm betting that the shaft won't stick out far enough to not have the clock hands hit the cymbal where it's still bending, and i doubt that the shaft will clear the center hole if i try to put the movement case on the concave side.

unfortunately it seems that for 24-hour movement, that's the only shaft size that they sell. I could make it a 12-hour clock, but that's boring even if it is a cymbal, and a 24 hour dial is really what i want.

The other option that i just thought about is to somehow affix the casing to the cymbal on either side but have it facing outward. I bet that would work if i could come up with a reliable way to affix it with semipermanance - permanent enough to not get dislodged if hanging on the wall for a year or so, but not permanent enough that i can't undo it after the fact. Also not in a way that will further damage the cymbal.

never mind the issue of how it will actually hang on a wall. we'll see what happens.

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