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final version of the choir piece is off and sent to jenni. It may need one more once over for final small details, but the big push is done.

The first movement of hermiston's winter drumline show is done. I know what's going to happen with movement two, i'll be sketching that out over the break.

Have a doctor appointment on friday. Was going to get a steroid shot because my back is having issues again, but i'm changing my story to get more prednizone because i also happened to pick up a moderate/severe case of poison ivy and didn't identify it as such until it was too late (i thought i was just dealing with some fleas because i hadn't given mallory flea stuff for a while), so since i already have an appointment and the same thing was given to me before to try to deal with my back, i think maybe i'll just give that another shot.

need to refocus on Siafu stuff now that Adam has given me a better formal document for that structure, but since Live is only on my home computer i'll be focusing on that in January when i get back, although i'll look over the document and adjust my musical conception based on the new idea. So the next week and a half are going to be focused on two things: Tulane cadences and other spring semester miscellany that i can take care of, and initial sketchwork for Shifting Signals. Hopefully i'll have all of that sorted out enough by the beginning of January and then crank out the Siafu stuff.

Need to come up with a christmas plan too. Time to contact people, see what they're all about.

Right now i need dinner. napping through dinner time makes choices limited.


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