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WWF vs Scrabble

i don't play scrabble often, but i know that when i do play i tend to play a very defensive game, making medium to strong point moves but with minimal letters designed to make it difficult for my opponent to get strong points, and then attacking large point squares when the opportunity is there. There's also the side strategy of holding on to letters that are more likely to make bingos since bingos are such high point scorers.

i started playing words with friends relatively recently and discovered early on how much more of a defensive game it has to be to be competitive because scoring is a lot more wacky. in a single turn i only have to use six tiles to get two triple letter tiles and one triple word tile in one shot, and i only have to use five tiles to get two double word scores in one shot. Because a particular part of the board was open enough, i was able to score 102 points with the word "just" because the J landed on a triple letter score and the word itself was on a triple word score. by contrast, the likelihood of that word scoring more than 25 points on a scrabble board is pretty slim.

overall i think this makes wwf less fun to play than scrabble because the play is a lot more restrictive. making an uncommon or a clever word is more likely to get punished than rewarded, and doing standard two letter tricks such as JO or QI is usually the correct play to make which removes play variety. even bingos are downplayed in wwf giving a 30 point bonus to scrabble's 50, meaning that sometimes it's more correct to play the boring 2 letter 30-40pt word as opposed to the bingo 60-70 point word if it exposes an area where someone has potential to score 90-130 pts.

the other strange thing about wwf is the decision that the first word/center tile isn't a double-word score. this usually makes me always prefer to pass first action even if i have a five-letter word available to reach the closest double word score because it's difficult to have a solid open that will not give my opponent a solid response.

i'd fiddle around with playing the official scrabble app on my iPhone, but reviews seem to imply that it uses a limited dictionary; wwf may have some play flaws, but at least it uses TWL and so i have a lot of word weapons in my arsenal (although euouae isn't one of them to which i continually grumble).

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Dec. 27th, 2011 09:00 am (UTC)
I usually go for the double word on the opening play because there isn't enough surrounding the center to give an opponent a good response. I also almost always go for the bingos when I can because I find it rare that the opportunity it presents the opponent is more advantageous. Or maybe I just haven't played with anyone as competitive as you.

Also, bingos are 35 (not 30) in WWF. </nitpick>

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