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classes kicking into gear last week started a big momentum push in my productivity which has been pretty important because i have way too much crap going on right now for my own good. I was able knock off the audio for my brother's independent video game, which isn't the most polished and best work i've done, but i still like it well enough and i don't have the time to be too picky about it.

Once the Mardi Gras routine sets in for Tulane, my creative and organizational time will be focused on the nienteForte concert and the two Galaxy projects i'm involved in. In between that i'll probably pick up more marching band work from Kim at some point, although that depends on some unknown variables (e.g. budget) that we don't know about yet. That should take me through August/September.

After that, i'm not sure what's going to be next on my plate. I'll probably want to do another Shifting Signals piece and maybe some other ambitious technology/multimedia installation sorts of things, but i also need to branch out some of my music writing and take more advantage of some of the connections i have in the classical professional field; there's another timpani piece brewing in me somewhere as well as some other chamber works i should write for the people that have told me that they're interested; when i see Jenni in March i may talk to her about how she sets up her commission business and start being more aggressive with that stuff, although if things take off with Galaxy and i decide to shift my career path towards that as my day job, some of the professional composition career may meander.


Over the weekend i was supposed to have my house poker game, but not enough people RSVPed so i ended up going to the casino instead. It was a good session and i played pretty well, and it was another instance where the 1/2 table had more money on it then should have been realistic; after an early run i was sitting with mostly $1000 on the table, and there were four other people that had $1000-2000 on the table. When i first sat down, the surge came because the table was very loose-passive preflop and medium loose/tight-passive post-flop. I hit some key hands, made a couple of key bluffs, and it was pretty great. At some point, the table turned into a lot of regulars that despite having big stacks were playing pretty tight, so i cashed out (although not before losing a $150ish pot to a short-stacker who caught his flush - them's the breaks).

i have to get up in about five hours and i kind of forgot to eat dinner again. i'm also in desperate need of doing some laundry and the next probable time i can do that is thursday morning. that kind of sucks, but i can deal with it.

okay. ramble over. quick food, then sleep.


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