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g+ hangout quick notes:

i had to use Tyler for help on this one because the laptop in the sound system has a password i don't know yet.

putting the three transmitting stations in close proximity to each other makes it bounce around too much. When i moved one of the stations really far away, there was definitely more focus. When the CD was playing, bounce happened more, and that could be problematic depending on how busy the audio is vs the clarinet player.

The way the recital hall is set up, the transmitting stations will likely have to be more set up as a rectangle as opposed to a box. Put the two outside stations far enough away to try to isolate the bounce. Problem is that since the front station will be closest to the player, it might be dominant even if the player isn't facing the correct way. Regardless, i should definitely move the speakers up so that less of that sound hits the google hangout.

As far as physical setup goes:

school laptop can connect wirelessly to the tulane network. no problem. That will be the SL station.

My personal Mac Mini will be wired to the router. I should use a USB extender to put the camera in front without the Mac Mini being in the way. That's the center station.

The last station i want to be another laptop, but i don't have another one currently that will run what i want (the old school laptop has an operating system too old). That can be my work iMac or i can maybe borrow someone else's laptop for it.

Since two of the machines have their own webcam attached to them, that makes the "propping" up of those stations a little more complicated.

plan right now is to do music composition for a week and a half; write the audio part that i'm going to put into Live, and then try the set up again and see how it goes.


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