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no longer the favorite child.

i feel like i've been neglecting LJ for the past week or so, making me feel like all of those people that abandoned proper blogging for the micro-fashion of fb/tw/g+. there have been a few entries that have gone into draft mode that has never made it on to, um, "paper".

suffice it to say that things have been sort of busy, but i could have made things more busy if i was on top of all of my stuff, but i'm going through a small emotional crisis at the moment in addition to being on some drugs that can make me a little woozy, so a lot of my spare time has been spent sleeping and watching reruns of The Mentalist.

tomorrow kicks of Mardi Gras with Krewe De Vieux and thus next thursday through tuesday are going to be tough in terms of productivity. But once that clears, boy will things ease up.

still, since i opted to play poker last night and will probably do it tomorrow also after Krewe De Vieux, tonight after i finally cook dinner that i've been putting off doing, i'm going to knock off some work related stuff, a bit of music related stuff, and some cleaning since it's trash day. Not the most exciting friday night, but tomorrow will make up for it.

i may decide not to watch the super bowl this year. mainly out of laziness for finding a place to watch it, but i also don't much care about the outcome this year.

that's about it.

oh and fuck you ReRave for sucking a lot of hours of my life this past week and a half. time to put that aside for a little while, play only casually as opposed to obsessively.


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