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a krewe de vieux vignette

Here's a random story that occurred during Krewe De Vieux.

after parting ways with Mark and Amanda and company at the beginning of the parade roll out, i went in search of Dan and Allison and company more towards the end of the parade roll out. We decided to find a place to watch the parade on Decatur, but stop at La Fitte's on the way to grab a drink. I was sitting at the bar waiting for service. Allison was able to get her drink before me, and then i got kind of passed by because i wasn't in the most visible space. I was fine with this as my leg was kind of killing me and i needed a little bit of a rest.

at some point, some people behind me accidentally spilled a little beer on my back. it wasn't much, i'm not sure how it happened. The guy immediately apologized to me, and i didn't even fully turn around, i said, "no worries, it's all good," in the friendly way that i am. I mean, you can sneeze on me in an non-neglectful accidental way and i'm not going to get pissed at you.

So the guy a few minutes later moves next to me because that spot in the bar has opened up and he needs to order some drinks. He asks me, "hey did you even order yet?" and i said, "no, but no worries, i'm not in a hurry or anything," and he said, "whatever dude, you should get a drink first. Actually, why don't i get it for you." i said, "you don't have to do that, man," but he waved his hand and said, "i got it. What do you want?"

So he bought me a drink. I think he felt bad for accidentally spilling beer on me, and i also think that he read me as someone that would have sat there for hours not getting a drink because i came off as less assertive than i actually am. He was a very sincere individual and it seemed like it made him happy to buy me a drink, so i let him buy me a drink. I said, "i really appreciate it," and struck a quick conversation with him while we were waiting for the drinks. Turns out he's from new york and is here on a bachelor party - the groom was from the philadelphia area. I said, "that's the area i grew up too!" and we chatted a little about new york and philadelphia until the drinks came, and then we said our goodbyes and that was it.

It was another one of those great random encounter moments, one that i find New Orleans is good at fostering. I'll never see that guy every again, but for that one moment, we added something to each other's lives, and it's that sort of random mutual good will that makes the world go around just as much as the close friendships and love can.


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