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a "mendel is a kind of a dumbass" story.

so when i first started working on tech setup for Sbifting Signals I, i created two other g+ accounts, Me Lee II and Me Lee III. When i set up the primary email accounts for these, i did the oh-so-clever thing of craeting 'dot' email addresses that didn't correspond with the II and III. As in, Me Lee II was set up with "mendel.gplus1@mendellee.com" and Me Lee III was set up with "mendel.gplus2@mendellee.com".

When i was started to test drive real aspects of how the piece was going to work, i discovered that i was going to need a fourth g+ account to act as a conduit for the other three's work, so i created a fourth one, Me Lee IV, and i *thought* that the email address i set up for it was done in the same way - "mendel.gplus3@mendellee.com", but a week later when i tried to log in to that account, it turned out that it didn't exist. I thought, "huh. maybe i did mendel.gplus4", but that account also didn't exist. I tried to force the Me Lee IV to send an email notification to my domain so that i could see what the "to" address was. I looked back at my email archive to see what notifications i had already received and discovered that i hadn't received any.

I spent a good 15 minutes trying to figure it out and couldn't. It wasn't worth worrying about at the time; so i shoved it aside in my brain to come back to later because sometimes my brain does that; there was a point when i forgot the ending sweep lick to the 95 Blue Devils tenor feature for about a couple of months, and then suddenly i remembered it again, maybe this would happen here.

Today i'm going to be working on physical setup logistics in the recital hall so it's become important that i can have access to all four g+ accounts. Again i tried to login to that Me Lee IV account using the above email addresses, tried to get account/password recovery - to no avail. It felt stupid to try to have to set up a new account, but eventually i mentally threw my hands up in the mental air and mentally said, "okay. fine. i give up," and told google that i wanted to create a new g+ account.

and it was during that set up that i discovered what had happened - in between the time that i had set up my g+ accounts for Me Lee II and III and my g+ account for Me Lee IV, google changed the paradigm in how g+ accounts were created - in order to create a g+ account for Me Lee IV, my primary email address had to be a new gmail account.

oh, right. not mendel.gplus4@mendellee.com. mendel.gplus4@gmail.com

you'd think that i would have, i dunno, written this down or something.

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