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at some point i accidentally updated my firefox browser to the newest version, and one of the curious features is that the "forward" button disappears if there's no forward history.

at first, i disliked it because it was so different and it represented a fundamental change in the structure of a web browser that i was so used to in my brain. The upper left hand corner should have a back and a forward button. the forward button should just be greyed out if there's no forward history. it's been like that forever. it's what i want. it's what i'm used to. it's comfortable.

then i took a step back and listened to myself think those thoughts and laughed. This coming from someone who deliberately sets his clocks to different times in his apartment, tries his hardest to break long habits so as not to ever go on autopilot, and philosophically believes that coming to terms with at least some degree of chaos and change is necessary to lead a balanced and peaceful life.

if it was change for the sake of change, i'd be pretty "whatever" about the whole thing, but there's an elegant and simple sort of practicality to the deal that i appreciate, and now that i'm embracing it, i really like the fact that when i look in the upper left hand corner i still get slightly surprised because of how unfamiliar it looks, and any time i hit "back", the forward button suddenly appears.

Now what i really want to have happen is for the back button to disappear sometimes because it would make me giggle at how you could turn something like that into a deep philosophical discussion. Because i'm a geek like that.

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Feb. 20th, 2012 08:09 am (UTC)
Aside from the conversation about adapting to limited chaos, I think an appearing/disappearing forward button would bug the hell out of me. On the other hand, I never actually use the back and forward buttons and I miss how in IE6 I could just hide them.
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