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poker live tracker

So there's a free iPhone app called Poker Live Tracker that i decided to start using to track my play starting around the end of january.

When i first moved to New Orleans in 2008 i created a google document to track my live play, something i did for 1.5 years. I stopped doing it because at some point i changed my attitude about poker in that while i take it pretty seriously and always try to play my best, i wasn't trying to make a career out of it or plug my current play leaks with enough degree of seriousness that trying to micromanage my session data was really worth it. Instead i started to keep a loose track in my head of how things were annually from August to August. In 08-09 i had a small profit, in 09-10 i broke even, in 10-11 i had a small loss. My rate per hour for all of those years was pretty poor.

because of how play after my summer break has improved, i was randomly looking around for iPhone apps that could manage live poker sessions and came across the one that i use now. It has some great flexibility and functionality for a free app, and it makes tracking my session so stupid simple that it felt worth tracking my sessions again. It'll be interesting to see what happens at the end of the year, particularly as i have it in my head to maybe take a trip to Vegas in December when it doesn't conflict with the WSOP event in New Orleans.

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