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telly advert formatting issue

i was watching Real Telly over the weekend since i was house-sitting for Mark and Amanda while they were out of town. mostly it was march madness, but i caught a random episode of law and order, south park, the daily show, &c.

an interesting consistent phenomenon that ended up happening was when "local" adverts would take the place of national ones. For those that aren't familiar with the practice, advertisers can pay the local cable provider (in this case, Cox) to run their adverts in place of what is being broadcast nationally to reach a specialized audience. With Cox in particular, there must have been some sort of timing/format change or glitch between the length of national adverts vs the local ones because during every commercial break in which the local adverts were given time, it would happen in the *middle* of a national advert. The national advert would cut off abruptly and get taken over by the local one as abruptly as a channel change.

Either this is a case where the formatting/timing changed between a Then and Now on a national scale, or it's a case where different channels have differing lengths of advert time. Either way it strikes me as unprofessional and lazy by Cox. If it's the former, move with the times. If it's the latter, other providers fill that extra 10 second space with a quick advert of some sort, how hard is it to put something like that together? Even a text placard that says, "here's what's coming next" is pretty standard, or so i thought.

from the outside, i find details like that interesting. from the inside, if i was upper management or something, it would bother the fuck out of me. it's probably a good thing i'm not working in that sort of business, because stuff like that shouldn't bother me if i don't really have the power to change it.

aspects of both sides of that could be applied to my own job too, i suppose. maybe i could, i dunno, learn something from this.

eh. maybe not. la la laaaa.


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Mar. 22nd, 2012 02:52 am (UTC)
Have you ever seen Ugly Betty? Betty's main coworkers (other than her bosses) are Mark and Amanda, and they're two of the best characters on the show, so it was hard to read this without picturing you house sitting for them.
Mar. 22nd, 2012 02:51 pm (UTC)
funny. :) never seen it, maybe I will.
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