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weekend in los angeles

so this past weekend my choir piece got performed in los angeles. the rest of the weekend was spent mostly hanging out with jenni and simon, catching up and chatting away like mad fools.

the performance of the piece was very successful in that the choir did a great job with it, and quite a few members of the choir and the audience complimented me on the piece, a few even going so far to say it was their favorite thing on the concert. i was very glad that my piece was able to have such a positive impact, although the internal shy me was reflexively trying to deflect some of the compliments to a simple "thank you" before shifting the positive energy to Amanda's poem and the choir's performance.

it was a good feeling; not so much that i wrote a successful piece and got recognition for it, but in how the piece really impacted the audience and the performers and opened them up to a version of what i'm trying to represent as a new music composer. i'm probably going to continue the relationship with them and try to write more for them in the future, seeing what sort of boundaries i can push, but only a little bit at a time; there's a particularly radical piece i want to do with them that involves cell phones going off in the middle of the performance, but after this weekend that feels like something i should push to a few years down the road as opposed to next year to try to gain more acceptance from the choir and its audience for what i'm trying to do.

next step with this piece is to dress up the notation somewhat and then send it off to a publisher. we'll see what comes of all of that.

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Mar. 27th, 2012 05:51 pm (UTC)
Is there a recording or video of the performance? I'd love to hear it!
Mar. 27th, 2012 05:52 pm (UTC)
both a recording and video, but none of it done by me, so i don't have access to it yet. hopefully in the next couple of weeks. :)
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