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Justice League: Doom (2012)

On more than one occasion, i've found that Timm's work has had some pacing issues in the first fifteen minutes or so of his films before settling into some great work. Here, the opening action sequence felt rhythmically choppy from a micro moment-to-moment perspective as well as a character-to-character perspective, like it's been a while since they've had to iron out the kinks in their pacing.

unlike his other works, however, once that opening fussiness settled down, i felt like there were still issues of pacing and segmentation. Part of it was the material: there was a good amount of plot that involves the members of the justice league being dealt with in isolation, as in everyone is trying to deal with their own individual problems and enemies, so you don't get enough sense sense of the Justice League as an ensemble, especially in comparison to how well that ensemble was used in his prior JL film projects and television series.

these were picky details; it was still pretty enjoyable, and the geek in me got a nice little thrill at seeing Kevin Conroy's name in the opening credits, which by itself (along with Tim Daly and Nathan Fillion) made the whole thing worth it. still, Crisis on Two Earths remains my favorite JL movie to date for its action, character development/depth, and plot. Very little can stand up to the great and memorable conflicts between Batman and Owlman in that movie.

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