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recently i put up the backing track for my google hangout performance piece on youtube. This morning i was sending those tracks to a friend in an email and i noticed that this track had a "matched third party content" flag on it.

i mentally cocked my head to the mental side. All of this music was written by me. i'm pretty sure i didn't sic the copyright dogs on myself. I clicked on the notification. The Music Publishing Collective Society claimed that there was material in my video that matched some tune called "Lagoon".

I didn't go find Lagoon to listen to it and see if it resembled my piece. I just started going through the steps to dispute the copyright claim. several menu option clicks later and a small blurb saying, "all of this content is mine, i have paper sketchwork if you need further proof," i hit "submit" to dispute the claim.

The instant i hit "submit", i got an email notification - not a receipt that i submitted the dispute, but a notification that action was already taken - that the Music Publishing Collective Society released the copyright claim, and it's acknowledged that the content belongs to me.

And that's weird and/or fishy to me. I can understand it if whatever algorithm exists to check for matched content would flag something inappropriately, but i would think that the release of those rights back to me should take some actual checking. the fact that it was all automated feels like the algorithm has a wide criteria in the hopes that a person would be too lazy or too scared to go through the dispute process because they don't truly understand whether or not the claim is valid.

what that means practically i don't know, but it's interesting.

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Apr. 28th, 2012 02:38 am (UTC)
Sounds like a copyright troll--someone or a firm that makes money claiming copyrights and then suing the "infringer."
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