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the isaac plan

So the [Tulane Emergency website] put out an announcement this afternoon that seems to imply that they don't think Isaac will do much to warrant an evac from the university or from the city. Given how promptly they shut down operations and told people to get the hell out of dodge for Gustav, i take that as a good sign.

The plan i have right now is that if the university sticks to its plan of reopening certain university services on wednesday and resuming classes and normal operations on thursday, i'm staying here and riding it out. If the university decides that they're going to close the university through the weekend and not resume operations until next week, i'm going to jet town as soon as that decision is made. i'll be heading up to murfreesboro for a day or two to stay with Jessica, and will then either stick around there or drive up to cincinnati to stay with Erica and Matt, more to visit than anything else, before heading back to new orleans when we're given the green light.

If the city shuts down for an insane extended period of time, i may opt to drive home to PA. This will be a last resort because driving back from PA to NOLA will be a long ass trip. I honestly don't think it will come to that; the only way i could see such a thing happening is if there's a levee breach, and Isaac is predicted to be much much weaker than Katrina, so so long as the rain isn't super persistent, the system should hold. I suspect that i'll be able to stay in the city for the duration, or at the worst have to head up north for a few days to be told that we can return to the city early next week.

of course i'm no expert, weather is subject to chaos theory so things could change easily, disaster could strike, blah blah blah. if that's the case, the important people have my phone numbers and know how to reach me. if you don't have it and want it, ask, and i'll give it to you. mendel at mendellee dot com.

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Aug. 27th, 2012 09:17 pm (UTC)
Stay safe!
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