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drumming and filming

so i was outside of my porch area doing some drumming and filming for "drumming with isaac" when the next door neighbor who i've previously only been "hi" friendly with came to talk to me. turns out he's a filmmaker.

next week he's doing this project that's part of a big collection of five minute films that will likely be shown nationwide. He wanted to use our block to film it. the film is going to be a story about life and death or something, a man who has to face and weather storms, some sort of analogy to isaac and whatnot. His wife saw me drumming outside waiting for isaac and told him about it, and he said that what i was doing was very in the spirit of what his film is all about, and he wants me now to be a part of it, drumming on camera for whatever he's going to be directing.

so he took a bunch of video and still shots of me drumming on a tenor pad and i gave him my card. i have TUMB rehearsals next week, but he may use me in the late evening or on tuesday and thursday to be part of this group of people drumming and playing on instruments helping to lead the main character towards a peaceful sort of fate towards the corner store on our block, Jake's.

So far Isaac hasn't done a whole lot in my area; the filming i did for volume 1 could have been done during any rainy day here in new orleans. We'll see what happens tomorrow.


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Sep. 2nd, 2012 03:45 am (UTC)
is your stuff public? I like seeing your stuff on my stream even though I haven't had time tI comment in the past few weeks becaus I've been so busy. if so, no biggie on the cut. if not, maybe a different time in the future. :)
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