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today and tomorrow:

today i:

  • deposited my poker profit from the weekend into my checking account
  • paid all of my bills
  • uploaded the final video of my drumming with isaac series
  • had a much needed doctor's appointment
  • ordered a bunch of percussion stuff for Tulane
  • put into the mail two important pieces of paperwork
  • picked up some business dry-cleaning
  • cleaned up some of the apartment
  • ordered music from Presser and figured out a good deal of my programming for the nienteForte concert this spring
  • listened to a bunch of national anthems while working on all of the above
  • blogged about what's happening with the national anthem process

tomorrow's docket:

  • physical therapy
  • administrative database work for the TUMB
  • get an MRI done
  • upload a bunch of photos to the TUMB Picasa album
  • rehearsal in the evening
  • drinks with Michael Warner after rehearsal
  • listen to more national anthem stuff

The PT and MRI is going to eat into my day in ways that i don't want, but that's how it goes.

it's time to start up all of my other stuff again too. Timpani Forces published copies and then promotion, SpinCycles, apartment searching, house poker game planning, and maybe try to reping Rachel about the dance project collaboration.

I feel like i'm missing something else in there, not sure what.

Oh, i suppose i should do an H blog entry here at some point too. i'm not sure what that's going to be all about.

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