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sloppy dream recollection

i'm never at my best in the morning, and i'm typing without looking at the screen so i might make a bunch of errors, but i wanted to write before it completely slipped my mind because i had two dreams last night that i remember even after i woke up and i want to etch them into written words before i forget them.

i already forgot some of the first dream, but i remember how it ended. Oddly enough, it involved Jim Malloy, who was this red-headed kid who went to my high school. he played bottom bass in the marching band and we had a lot of conflicts with each other for some reason or another.

anyway, in the part of the dream i remember, there was a party at my place. i remember that jim was there (but i don't remember anyone else), and he kept on taking my playstation 2 and throwing it up in the air and catching it. He was doing it in an attempt to taunt me because he thought i'd get freaked out since it's such an expensive piece of equipment. Other people at the party were telling him to cut it out, but he didn't care. I ignored him, refusing to give him the satisfaction of paying attention to him.

I think we were playing some other video game system, or maybe we were playing the ps2, which i know makes no sense. But at some point, Jim threw it in the air and didn't quite manage to catch it, and it fell on the ground. It broke, but it didn't break a lot - like, the bottom came off and a bunch of things that looked like CPU motherboards came out and other stuff... i only caught a sideways glance at it. I think Jim looked guilty, but again, i didn't want to give him the satisfaction of looking at him directly. As soon as it hit the ground, i said, without turning, something like, "See what happens if you're not careful?"

I think he said he was going to fix it. maybe not. but he didn't. He put the console in its storage area, but with everything still in pieces. The dream fast forwards, or maybe i just don't remember the inbetween, but at some point after the party, i'm cleaning up, and i decide that i'd better have a look at it and see how bad the damage really is. So I pull out the drawer where all the parts are and i look at it and realize that no, it *wasn't* my ps2... it was my home minidisc deck. And once i realize that and am pissed off about it even more (not sure why... i paid about $300 more for my ps2), the dream ends.

The second dream is longer and more complex, and i wish i could remember all of the details. it starts out with me watching some sort of game show involving word puzzles on the telly. i remember that after solving the smaller puzzle, the host would then take a large piece of posterboard or something and stick it on the main board and it would reveal a couple of letters of the "secret phrase"... like it was a jigsaw piece to the phrase that would end the round.

anyway, the first two were cake, but the last puzzle suddenly got waaaaaay harder. I remember... that someone got the word "tree", and that got added to the board, and instantly i knew that the answer had something to do with the Pat Metheny Trio, because "tree" fit in the right place.

Suddenly i'm actually playing the game, but it's no longer a puzzle show, it's a reality tv show involving a mystery house or something. Some people in charge were asking me if i wanted to be involved in the game. I was hesitant. There was... umm... god, i don't remember. i think there were houses or something, and there was a clue at every house? i don't remember. but at any rate, at some point i went down the road, away from the houses close to the "exit", and i found a clue. And i was standing there, waffling about whether or not i wanted to go through with the game... i still had that choice.

At some point, i say to myself, okay. i'm going to do this. So i get up, turn arounnd, and start walking back the way I came, which turns into a hallway with a stage door at the end of it.... really out of context... like i'm moving from backstage back into the main game area.

i'm at the far end of the hallway, and i hear voices fading out, "well, i assume that she's going through with it..." or something, and then they shut the door. When they shut it, i see one of those hollywood stars on it, and it has "The Pat Metheny Trio Mystery" written on it. And suddenly the floor of the hallway disappears and i'm falling. And i was thinking, "shit! Of course!" because i have a memory of a couple people talking about how you can't enter that hallway once the game has officially started because it will open up the trap floor and send people into the auditorium which has motion sensors to deal with intruders.

So i drop down and i'm in the auditorium, and i hear the alarm go off. A robot of some sort hat reminds me of the robot that came with the nintendo system when it first came out (Robbie?) starts slowly coming down the aisle. i'm in a panic because i think it's going to kill me. So i run to the other side of the auditorium and go up a flight of stairs where there's a panel on the ceiling. It's locked. I start pounding on it. The robot comes to the bottom of those stairs and i think i'm a goner. But instead of coming up the stairs, he puts himself in a little cubby next to the stairs, and somehow that activates something that makes the floor of the auditorium start to rise.

So the floor is starting to come up to where i am, and i'm going to get crushed. I'm screaming and pounding on the door panel, and eventually i hear some sort of muffled response. I pound some more, and then the panel opens, i slip out, this guy helps me, asking me, "are you okay?" Another person who reminds me of michael mckean (but it wasn't him) comes around the corner and starts yelling at me. "what the hell were you doing down there? you know what i have to do to reset that auditorium?" and things like that. Eventually he walks off, muttering, and i turn back to the other guy and smile, rolling my eyes a little. I realize that i've succeeded... i'm actually *in* the game now, and i can't wait for it to start. And with that realization i wake up.

Odd thing is that when i was a spectator, i'm pretty sure i was me, but once i was a part of the game, i think i was female. If so, that'll mark the first time i've ever dreamt as a female.

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