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unidentifiable food nostalgia

sometime last week, mark and i took our semi-regular trip out to the west bank to get vietnamese food. There's one place in particular that we like to go even though one of the vientamese dealers i'm friends with at the casino doesn't like it because it's not "authentic" enough for him having used to run a pho restaurant himself. We go there because they make these amazing lemongrass chicken wings that we get as an appetizer.

Typically we always get the pho dac biet, but because of the weather and because of our recent frequency of going to this place, we decided to try a non-pho dish. I ended up getting a jasmine rice plate whose main protein was a pork chop, with a side of some shredded pork put into a small patty-like thing.

when i first bit into and tasted the pork chop, i immediately had a sense of what i can only call unidentifiable nostalgia. It was an odd sensation to have. It was as if i suddenly remembered something forgotten from decades ago, from a lifetime ago - a particular kind of flavor or blend of flavors that i hadn't tasted since i lived with my parents as a kid. I'm not sure if that's because it's something that my mom cooked or if it was from a place that we would frequent eating. I couldn't tell you what the flavor was because it wasn't that strong. if i wasn't paying attention, i could almost say it was a normal sort of grilled flavor, but Yet.

the feeling went away as i got used to it, but the memory and nostalgia remained, and it was a strange but good memory. something that sent a pang through me in a way that was intangible and will remain forever intangible. something i may never experience again in the same way because it only hit me in the way that it did because of how unexpected it was.

and to think that i never used to pay attention to food.

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