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the 24 hour saturday

it was only when i was talking to my friend Megan that i realized that on saturday i had basically a 24 hour day:

  • 06:30 - woke up, showered, got dressed
  • 07:45 - drove to pick up mark for:
  • 08:30 - call time for our football game, an early call time because of our annual Band Day where we hosted about 600 high school and middle school kids to play on the field with us at a Tulane game.
  • 09:00 until 19:15 - rehearsal, football game, then post-game unloading
  • 19:15-20:15 - a few after-drinks with Mark. wolf down a quick dinner.
  • 20:45 - head down to the quarter to go to TImecode NOLA screening at One Eyed Jacks where i was in one of the films.
  • 21:15 - finally find parking. Walk to the bar which was super packed and watch a bunch of the short films including the one that i was in.
  • 22:30 - walk back to the car and head to the casino.
  • 23:15 - 05:00 - play cards, profited about $1100.
  • 05:30 - 06:30 - watch the new Doctor Who episode.
  • 06:30 - sleep.

no wonder i'm still exhausted today. maybe it's about time to sleep. Want to try to get one more music related thing done tonight though - maybe work for another half hour or so or at least take care of some business and then try to crash.


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