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Looper (2012)

So the overall premise for the movie is completely different from what the movie is actually about, which sounds like a negative but ended up being a huge positive.

If you watch the trailers and read the by-line or the plot overview, you think, "oh, it's a time-travel movie," and while the time travel aspect of it is the catalyst for moving the story along, the movie itself didn't actually feel like it was about time travel. Which is good because the time travel aspects of the movie were really problematic both in its premise and its execution.

The success of the movie is something i attribute mainly to the characters of young Joe played by Levitt, Sara played by Blunt, and Cid played by child actor Pierce Gagnon. Their individual stories and how those ended up integrating together felt like the true core and strength of the film. Levitt's personal character journey driven by his lifestyle and then encounter with Blunt and Gagnon was superbly written and executed, Blunt's character was very well characterized and had a great story that was revealed in exactly the right way, and boy did Gagnon put on an amazing performance for a five-year old kid.

On the other hand, i wasn't particularly impressed with the character of old Joe which i don't think was Bruce Willis's fault more than how he was written, and Kid Blue was pretty annoying in how cliché and single-minded he was as an antagonist. In a way he was written more like an earthquake or a meteor that strikes the earth than a person. Jeff Daniels's character was much more interesting, and hell, even Garret Dillahunt's character was much more interesting, and it's a shame that of those three on the antag side, the one that they chose to be the primary antag by the end of it all was the one that might have well been an inanimate object, an actual ticking time-bomb that someone had to diffuse.

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