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credit card changes.

earlier this afternoon i changed the nature of my Discover card from its 5% cashback whatever hoohah to make it into an Escape. the two main differences are, instead of earning direct cash back, i'm earning bonus miles. it's also a card that i'm going to be paying a $60 annual fee for.

It's one of those things that will change the way i do things a bit. The nature of my checking account makes it so that i have to do at least 12 purchases a month with my debit card which is no issue because on average i do about 25 halfway through the month. So i'm going to tally when i hit 12, put everything else that month on the discover card to earn the miles, then pay it off to zero every month because my APR is just stupid despite my credit history having vastly improved since it bombed about eight years ago when i was almost flat broke.

despite the fee i think it's going to be pretty beneficial. miles i accumulate have no blackout days nor do the miles ever expire. i've been in the habit of traveling at least twice a year these days. i still have to visit alaska and europe and australia. anything helps, and the kind of return that i get from the miles seems much better than the return i get from the cashback deal even with the annual fee.

we'll see how it goes. the full effect won't happen until january.

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