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while i was walking from my car to the tulane orchestra concert tonight, i came up with an idea for a short large ensemble piece titled Lift. If i can get my act together i may try to write it for Tulane's concert band next spring. the ideas running in my head remind me of the first movement of John Adams's Violin Concerto, but not exactly. think ascending third trills at varying rhythms and cacophony but all the same sort of mood/atmosphere with a chacoone-like bass because yeah, i like to write that sort of thing a lot.

i just wrote a medotcom entry about how i shouldn't try to do big creative projects in the fall semester. now i'm going to contradict that because this one i want to write in the fall so it can be performed in the spring. problem is that i'm now also supposed to write something for george heathco's group for that same spring and also do a collaboration with mark that same spring. we'll see how the pacing goes.

time to sleep so i can get up early and finish making a poster and then maybe do some articulations and dynamics for the final part of beauty...beholder. i think i'm going to end up doing a viog about the piece and the motivation behind it because it's very important to me.

a medotcom entry about concertos may be coming in the near future. because most of them baffle me.

time for bed.

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