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the wind ensemble piece is about 95% complete. I need to finish the percussion parts, make some notational edits for the score, finish dressing all of the parts, and it's good. I'm betting it'll take about four hours of work tonight, and then i can actually plan for the holiday trip that's happening in, oh, under a week.

i already have an idea of what my next two creative projects will be, but i have to take a step back from that stuff right now so that i can focus on my spring concert logistics and the plan for the music seminar that i want to do in the spring. I still need to find a pianist for Larry's flute/piano duet, make a final decision about which piece of Jenni's i'm going to play, come up with a concert order, and try to hound Michael Batt to confirm dates for my rehearsals and my dress rehearsal. For the music seminar i just need to plan out the week by week listening assignments and decide since it's a volunteer thing exactly how much responsibility i want to give to the people who are volunteering to be a part - the basic is, "listen to a new piece every week, we'll just get together to talk about it." a different option is, "everyone pick a piece that they want to spark discussion on." That plan will be easy to do over break.

quick detox before getting back into it. long evening ahead.

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