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Box vs Dropbox

Tulane got some sort of corporate license for box.com, a cloud storage service, that gives all faculty 25GB of data. My DropBox account was under quota strain partially from the shared TUMB folder we were using at the office, and 25GB is hard to ignore, so i had everyone in our operations switch from DropBox to Box.

i haven't had a chance to explore all of the functionality of Box yet, but i have to say this about it vs DropBox: if they were both cars, DropBox would be a "let's get you from A to B reliably" kind of car, where Box would be a "OMG SUNROOF GPS PERSONALIZED HEAT SEATS FLEXIBLE OPTIONS ALL4U" kind of car.

not to necessarily say that Box is better exactly - it has a bunch of functionality to it that DropBox doesn't have what with being able to create custom URLs, define the difference between owners, collaborators, viewers, and the default share link categories and all of the potential add-on apps that integrates seamlessly with other popular business and consumer web services &c &c, but with that functionality and flexibility it takes away some of the natural "out of box (ahem)" intuitiveness that DropBox has. My boss figured out how to set up and use DropBox on his own with absolutely no effort. He had to have help setting up and using Box and he's still not comfortable with it.

over break i'm probably going to learn a lot more of the ins and outs of Box and some of the Apps that can be attached to it to help our operations run smoother. Because i have the time to do that now that the wind ensemble piece is done. Like... free time. which is crazy. i don't remember the last time i felt like i had real free time.

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