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Jack Reacher (2012)

the first hour or so of the film was okay, but after that it was pretty much a disaster. the plot that was woven so interestingly at the beginning turned into a lot of nonsense with mysteries that when resolved didn't live up to the hype that they was built up for them, and the way that the conflicts and action scenes evolved during the second half felt ridiculous. Like, you know that any time the line "Are you ready?" gets spoken and you groan in your head even before the cliché answer line of "i was born ready!" comes out? That's a metaphor for how pretty much everything went in the second half of this movie. *everything*.

The other thing that struck out about the movie is how generally invincible Tom Cruise's character was - not just in the fact that no one could really touch him in a fight, but he had an almost supernatural awareness of everything happening and had all of the right answers all of the time. As amazing as, say, Sherlock Holmes was portrayed in the BBC's Sherlock and even the Sherlock Holmes films, there were still times when Sherlock was shown to have made mistakes or been imperfect in a way that Jack Reacher never was, and that makes his character about as interesting as a piece of cardboard.

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