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from A to Z: Ingress (and smartphones)

from what i've gathered reading and hearing about how other people treat Ingress, it seems to require a lot of portal searches which involves taking trips to go out and find portals at various parts of my location. I've heard about people that make dedicated trips themselves or with their family to find portals, usually found at some sort of national monument or point of interest.

because of the lifestyle that i lead (busy), i can only ever be a casual player of Ingress as opposed to a dedicated one, and that means that the initial plan i was considering which was to change my personal phone to a smartphone (a droid specifically) with Ingress as a catalyst doesn't make a lot of sense. I already get what i want out of mobile internet through my work phone, and adding an additional $30/mo to my personal plan to get what is essentially duplicate functionality doesn't feel like a good added lifestyle cost right now. I may decide to switch to a smartphone plan after my current contract needs to be renewed if only because texting phones are falling to the wayside and that outdated model doesn't perform as well as smartphones do for even basic call/text functionality, but on the other hand, the texting phone market isn't dead; for the audience of older people that aren't comfortable with smartphones it will likely be deemphasized but never go away, so maybe i can get away with finding something reliable enough for me in that area for a few more years before making the jump.


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