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at some point in 2011 or so i decided that i wasn't going to grow my hair out long ever again. At some point around band camp in 2012 i changed my mind about it, so it's been growing out again.

it's been, i dunno, four months now? and it feels somewhat awkward and strange. I don't think i understand how to style it anymore other than put it in a ponytail - something else that would make me happy would also take more work and more hair product than i want to put in my hair. It doesn't really feel like me anymore.

but part of that may be because it's in kind of a weird in-between sort of length, just down to my shoulders. it may start feeling normal again once it gets down the middle of my back. Once it starts feeling comfortable again is probably the right time to cut it, but maybe not; when i went into this i had said i'd let it grow out for two years, and that may still be the plan. i think it's either that or get it cut over the summer. not sure which is right.

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Jan. 13th, 2013 11:58 pm (UTC)
I've been trying to let mine grow out, because Eor likes it, and my brother Hawk feels as though I should honor our father by sporting the curls he gave me (that Hawk didn't get). But these are typical Canadian French curlst - it looks insane if I don't have it trimmed and shaped every few weeks. And I really have to put some product in it or it's a mess. This is the first time I've ever used a product but my stylist found me something very light - just enough to cover the pad of my finger seems to be plenty. And with that, I think I'll be able to let it grow until summer. I won't be able to go much longer than that, though, because frankly I just much prefer my hair dyke short.
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