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pressure cooker beef stew refining

recently the most common form of pressure cooking i've been doing is making a quick beef stew. The challenge has always been finding a way to make it truly flavorful and not generic tasting. I had tried in the past experimenting with different broth bases, browning and flouring the stew meat prior to putting it in the cooker, &c, but i never found a flavor that i was truly happy with.

today i got closer by doing more prep than i normally do because i had the time to do it. it went like this:

i chopped up about half of an onion and 4 cloves of garlic and sauteéd that in oil in the pressure cooker until the onions had a nice sheen to it and was lightly brown. I then put that aside in a bowl.

I put the stew meat in the pressure cooker and browned it on all sides, adding in a bunch of basil from the spice rack and some minced fresh rosemary. After it was nice and browned, i put in the chopped garlic and onions, a bunch of carrots and mushrooms into the cooker. I then took a beef stew spice packet and mixed it in with about 2 cups of water and then dumped that in the pot, closed the lid, and set the pressure cooker cooking.

While that was running, i used my bamboo steamers to steam up some broccoli heads. I also chopped up a bunch of celery and one jabanero pepper, and set that aside.

After about 20 minutes in the pressure cooker, i turned off the heat, released the pressure, and removed the lid. I turned the heat back on, added the chopped celery and jabanero pepper, and lightly steamed broccoli, and i also added about a cup of water that i had mixed in with corn starch. I turned the heat back on and stirred for a while, adding some Tony's and a pinch of kosher salt as a final spice.

i think it turned out pretty well, i bet the second day leftovers will be pretty awesome. definitely worth the extra prep work, and i'm good for a few meals.

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Jan. 14th, 2013 04:59 am (UTC)
Stews and other braised items are always better the second day. Sounds pretty good; not quite how I would do it, but it's fine. Only comment is that anything you add pre-pressure is going to get stomped over a bit due to the heat, so you may consider moving all herbal additions beyond the pressure.
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