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weekend summary.

Friday night i got out of work late so that Mark and I could get some drinks before driving him home. I passed out after that, early, and then woke up late to cook a very late dinner and write some music. I think i ended up falling back asleep around 4:00am or something. </p>

Saturday morning i got up around 10:00, did some cleaning, and wrote a birthday note to kim. I attempted to deliver it to the post office but forgot that most post offices around here close at noon, so whatever. I then went to a costume shop to try to find a british-style judge's robe and a headdress to wear for Krewedelusion in which the theme was "branches of government." I didn't find what i was looking for, so i browsed generally and decided to buy a pinstripe gangster suit and a hat. I wore that with a black button down, my purple tie, and cheap purple sunglasses i had lying around the apartment. When we got down to the parade site, it was dark enough that I couldn't see well out of the sunglasses, so i took out the lenses and wore that during the parade. I took about 400ish pictures which i plan on uploading sometime tomorrow to the TUMB's picasa site.

After the parade and dropping Mark home, i drove straight to the casino in my pinstripe costume. I got some compliments on my look and a few people that asked if i was part of a Mardi Gras Ball. The table i was playing on was absolutely crazy, i was *very* up and down because of how loose the action was. I started with $200, got up to about $800, then back down to $250, then ended the evening with $650. I made one very poor play earlier in the evening where i got spooked on a river in which i should have bluffed all-in instead of checked - i would have taken down a $300 pot with that bluff, i should have taken a moment to think about the play before checking so quickly. At the end of the night I was able to 2.5x because one of the regulars who i consider a friend was playing against me and is generally a very aggressive and loose player and opted to call my all-in with a flush draw and outside straight draw and he missed. I ended at about 8am, went home, and crashed.

On Sunday, i watched a lot of football and slept and recovered otherwise. Both games were very good.

On Monday, I got up and felt generally groggy still, so i slept until about 11:00 before heading over to the office. The drumline agreed to do a sectional with lunch beforehand. We had a good time at lunch, decent conversation, before going out to drum. Drumming was awesome - this drumline doesn't have the best chops of the various groups i've taught over the years, but every single one of them is hungry to get better and push. I told them we were going to drum until 4:00, we kept on going until about 4:15, and i'm pretty sure if we were out there for another two hours, everyone would have *wanted* to do that. It's great having a line where everyone is so motivated and has fun wanting to get better, and who also have a great bond and friendship. I love teaching this group, and i'll be sad when the season ends.

After i got home, i set to cleaning the apartment and did so for about three hours. It's still not even close to done, but i was more meticulous in my details, did a lot of dusting and some sorting of things that have been lying around for a while waiting to be organized. It felt good, and i'll probably do more this week, as well as some apartment reorganizing so that i can try to set up a webcam for my musical installation project.

Right now i'm going to take a shower and then figure out a very late dinner since i haven't eaten yet. Because i kind of forgot while i was reading.

Tomorrow is going to be busy. But in a good way.

Life is good.


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