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lent 2013

mardi gras and therefore lent crept up on me this year. i've been so damned busy so far in 2013 and will be up until roughly the end of april, and it's resulted in me being a bit more scatterbrained than normal i think, which is partially why i hadn't even started to think about what i was going to do for lent this year.

it was around the third lent i did a few years ago that i switched my lent philosophy away from "deny myself something" to "be proactive in something" in an attempt to create more productive habits with lent being the conduit. That's still something that i want to do, but it runs into some problems this year because i already have about three big things on my plate and will likely pick up a fourth and maybe a fifth soon, and my schedule is so sporadic these days that using lent in this way doesn't feel very practical.

now that i write this, i think that the answer is to maybe establish the end of lent as some sort of artificial deadline for one of the projects that i'm working on that doesn't have a real deadline (my brother's video game project) but i want to get it out of the way. that should be pretty doable since there's only really a few odds and ends that need to be taken care of which won't take a lot of time, it's just more that that project has started to take a back seat to other stuff that's becoming more priority, which is all fine and good (my brother doesn't particularly care), but again, i want to get it out of the way and i want the game to get out there because it's pretty damned good.

i'm also going to do the 40 pictures deal again this year during actual lent. i may even skip sundays like i'm supposed to, but i haven't decided yet. there's going to be a period in there where finding pictures to take may be problematic, but that's no different than any other year.

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